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Title Small pistol lock
Nationality English
Period c 1750
Price £90.00

This little lock (just under 10cm long) is representative of a typical mid-18th century handgun lock and, in all probability, would have been carried by an officer or gentleman for personal defence. There are no maker's marks or other indications of origin and this could just possibly be French rather than English.

It is a little bit on the scruffy side. The top jaw and screw have been replaced, somewhere in the 20th century, I suspect. The action works, but the bents of the tumbler are somewhat worn and the sear only holds on full cock. A small matter of adjustment with a needle file would probably sort this out. The screw threads on the lock are still in good order and, apart from the replacement top jaw and screw, everything else is original.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Firearms : Flintlock Pistols : British : 18th Century]


My order arrived this morning, thanks for the prompt delivery.

Two excellent original pieces, I must say.

Buckle is in minty condition retaining so much detail esp plummage on eagle's neck and chest, like to see those 'creases' on the legs also... a beautiful example of an early O&C buckle.

Belt is very interesting, rather thin, CROUPON stamped and also behind the tongue...maybe Allegmeine but no SS markings as you state. Beautiful piece none the less.

Thanks for a speedy transaction Chris, I am very happy with my purchase :)

B M, United Kingdom, 26.10.2018

Order was received on Saturday.

Many thanks for the excellent communication and prompt delivery.

Much appreciated!

T T, UK, 21.12.2015