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Title Student fencing sash and enamel badge
Nationality German
Period 1931
Price £75.00

This silk sash with the little enamel badge, both sporting the Imperial black/white/red colours, epitomises the student duelling world of this era, together with the logo (picked out in silver bullion) 'Rast Ich so rost Ich', loosely: 'Inactive I rust'. In Bavaria the duelling tradition was still active into the 1950s.

The sabre used was the schlaegl, with a blunt point and edges razor sharp for the last six inches of both sides of the blade. Each contender would take it in turn to attack and, when defending, you had to stand your ground! The eyes and neck were protected with goggles and a silk scarf. The target area was both cheeks. A doctor was usually present to sort out the wounded parties. Generally speaking, no one was ever fatally injured, but hefty looking scars were always in evidence in such fraternities! The enamel pin is named on the back to 'Ferdi.Karl-Heinz Werner - Weihn[acht] 31'. I wonder if he survived WW2?

The sash is a bit on the frail side and the enamel on the badge is in good shape.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Ephemera : Miscellaneous : German : 20th Century]


The documents were absolutely perfect - more than I expected.

C T, UK, 21.02.2012

Just to say many thanks for the fast service, it's an excellent little item. Will be watching for you listing more of these and other makes?

P A, UK, 26.06.2008