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Title West India Regiment officer's Glengarry badge
Nationality British Empire
Period c 1890

In 1900, there were three battalions of the West India Regiment, originally raised in 1795. In the 19th century, they served with great distinction, particularly in helping suppress the slave trade in West Africa and, furthermore, in WW2 served in Burma. They were the Empire's first black troops to serve overseas (ie not only in the WI but beyond).

This relatively uncommon badge, with the silver device 'WI' for West Indies, is likely to be Victorian as opposed to any later because the back clearly demonstrates mercury gilding (ie by being plain bronze). It was worn on the field service cap (like an overseas cap).

The enamel and gilding is in virtually perfect condition. The badge has its original steel pin to the reverse. However, it has one small fault: one of the three copper claw securing the enamel ribbon device in place on the back is missing.

(To photograph this carefully, I supported it on a British copper penny!)

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Wanted to let you know the items arrived today. Great job on the packing. Too often I buy very expensive and irreplaceable items from the UK and they get sent barely packed to protect them from the various postal services - appreciate you going the extra mile to insure it arrived in the shape it left. Thanks again, look forward to doing business with you in the future. Items were very nice, exactly as offered.

M M, USA, 18.03.2010

I wanted to thank you for the perfect service that you did selling and packing the swords. Everything worked perfect. At the airport I had no troubles at all, the airline took the package without been astonished at all.

H S, Austria, 19.10.2007