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Title 1850 model cavalry pistol
Nationality Austrian
Period 1864

This could have been used at Koenigratz/Sadowa, the great battle between the Prussians and the Austrians in 1866 when the KuK cavalry distinguished themselves in a series of splendid cavalry charges against the Prussians.

Approximately 60 calibre, 1850 pattern Austrian horse pistol. Has been deactivated by a small amount of lead being poured into the breach. Nicely marked 'M1850' on the stock and '14th Rgt' on sideplate (14th Dragoons). There are minor worm holes and a little damage to the fore end of the stock. The lock is nicely dated '864' for 1864, with the Austrian eagle stamp to the rear of the lockplate. The action is extremely sound with all original parts and screws. The safety device is possibly a modern replacement.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Firearms : Percussion Pistols : Austrian : 19th Century]


Briquet has arrived, and I'm very satisfied.

P S, Norway, 28.02.2014

Hi.recived the svt 40 bayonet today.great item.

P L, Sweden, 06.08.2012