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welcome to antique militaria!

I have been a military antiques dealer (based at Grays Antique Market in London's West End until Christmas 2008) for over 40 years: antique swords, weapons, guns, uniforms, helmets, equipment, medals, belt buckles, bayonets and almost all other items of general militaria. British, German, European and worldwide items... I have provided all kinds of arms and armour and military collectibles to both private customers, trade and museum clientelle all around the world!

featured antique military items

militaria item Cut steel Tula smallsword with Toledo blade
- Russian
This is a copy of a Woodstock hilt. The blade is marked Tomas on one side and Aiala on the other. He was a famous Toledo swordsmith of the 17th century. There is a similar example to this sword in the Metropolitan Museum of New York City, with butterfly shells. In all other respects, the hilt is virtually identical, as are the scabbard mounts.
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militaria item Silver-mounted Daghestan sabre
- Russian
This bone-hilted sabre is from the north Caucasus region of Daghestan. The Emir Shamil (an imam) raised a revolt in 1834 and fought the Russians until surrendering in 1859. This emirate was ceded to Russia by a treaty with Persia circa 1803, without any consultation with the indigenous people, igniting many years of conflict extant to this day.
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militaria item Saxon 1st Horse Regiment helmet, 1867 model, ORs
- German
This regiment took part in the Franco-Prussian War of 1871, serving at Gravelotte, Sedan and the Siege of Paris in the army commanded by Gen Crown Prince Albert of Saxony. The regiment fought with the 1st Infantry Division as divisional cavalry under Lt Gen Prince George of Saxony.
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militaria item Heavy cavalry officer's levee sword, 1796 pattern
- British
This sword was introduced, by regulation at any rate, as the 1796 pattern heavy cavalry officer's levee sword. The hilt design was taken from a commonly used continental type, principally Austrian and German, from the middle of the 18th century, and then married to the infantry officer's blade of 1796.
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militaria item Model cannon, possible Creusot manufacture
- French
This fine model of a French or German field gun dates from the WWI era. It comes complete with a small black powder cartridge with a recess for a primer in its base to enable it to be used as a signalling gun or a rather posh toy.
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militaria item Horse pistol by Lacy & Co of London
- British
This service-style weapon would have been privately made for an officer and have taken the standard paper pistol cartridge of the day. Typically, it would have been carried in the wars in India throughout the 1830s and beyond, Lacy at one point being contractors to both the East India Company and the British government.
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a little history on my antiques interest

I have been a collector of military antiques since the age of 12, starting with bayonets and moving gradually on to swords, finally entering the broader military antique dealing arena in about 1970. At that stage, I rapidly started to learn about antique English pistols and revolvers.

In about 1980, I broadened my dealing coverage from mainstream militaria to include English campaign medals. The arrival of powerful auction houses in this field drove me back to my original interest in general militaria (swords, bayonets, dirks, guns, pistols, etc).

However, I still maintain a lively interest in all military objects, especially the rare and exotic, eg Imperial Russian and Austrian.

Throughout my dealing career, I have built up my personal collection of antique military prints and drawings and a substantial selection of early military photographs up to 1945, principally German and English. To aid both my dealing and collecting, I have a huge library covering all military aspects of antiques going back to the Middle Ages, and many aspects of antiques in general, especially early English silver.


Just to let you know that the kokarde [cockade] arrived today. Looks great. Definitely original.

S S, Australia, 16.08.2012

Arrived safely. Excellent item. Really good condition. A good addition to the collection. Many thanks for a stress free transaction.

R B, UK, 17.10.2005