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Title 1908 pattern trooper's sword
Nationality British
Period c 1913
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This sword was almost certainly used by the 5th Cavalry Brigade (regular and yeomanry units) in Syria in their campaign against the Vichy French, probably the last time the British cavalry ever carried a sword in combat. However, it is not regimentally marked - they were the only cavalry that I am aware of that were issued with swords in WW2.

It is the classic cavalry sword of the 20th century, adopted in a very similar format by the US army at about the same period. It used the concept of the thrust going quicker to the mark than any cut, and doing infinitely more damage. Ironic that when the British finally got the sword right, cavalry was virtually obsolete.

A very fine example with most of the original factory polish to the blade and various date stamps: 1913, 1916, 1918, 1927, 1931, 1935 and, finally, 1941. The blade has an Enfield inspection stamp with the broad arrow mark at the forte. The sword was probably made by Wilkinson's, and the scabbard is marked 'WSC' (Wilkinson Sword Co.) and dated 1915 and 1940. This sword is in excellent shape throughout, but has a light lacquer finish applied to scabbard and hilt, though not the vulcanite grip, and there is minor age patination to all the metalwork under the lacquer.

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Chris, got the buckle thanks and what a beauty, posted it on the forum already (war relics forum) I mod the buckle forum I have put a thanks to you on there with your site title so might drum up a bit of business for you :)

B E, UK, 13.12.2011

The day the blunderbuss arrives I could not stop looking and feeling the gun for at least one hour. My wife told me that I was sick........ I am very happy, it is a piece of craftsmanship! Well made! I have 5 blunderbusses but all iron barrel, also from England but this one is gorgeous with the Brass Barrel.

Please keep me informed when you have any other type of blunderbuss. Thanks my friend!

M R, USA, 04.08.2011