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Title 2-band .577 rifled volunteer Enfield musket by Baker
Nationality British
Period c 1860

Although modelled on the 1860 short pattern Enfield rifle, with a 33" barrel, this private purchase item is actually a far better weapon, having five-land progressive rifling and an adjustable foresight. The ordnance issue had only three lands and a fixed foresight, nothing like as accurate as this one.

This would have been bought by the Rifle Volunteers in the early years of the movement. It was made and retailed by Frederick Thomas Baker of 88 Fleet Street, London. He had his main shop there 1858-1900, as well as two other City premises in the latter years. He succeded T.K. Baker, of long spur revolver fame, and was related to Ezekiel Baker, founder of this illustrious London gunsmith family and inventor of the first sevice rifle of the 19th century.

The sights are graduated to 1,100 yards. The interior of the lock has all its original case colour hardening and is still nice and crisp. There is a small split to the stock at the rear of the lock and the barrel has lost its original blue finish, being magnificent internally. The iron furniture has a pleasing brown patina overall. The wood is generally in excellent shape, with a few small bruises and scars here and there.The rear sling swivel is missing.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Chris, arrived yesterday, all is well. It is very refreshing to do business with you.

B N, USA, 11.02.2013

The buckle arrived today in good order, many thanks for the speedy delivery. A nice buckle, as described, and a welcome addition to my collection. Will revisit your website regularly for other items of interest.

L M, Channel Islands, 30.01.2009