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Title 30th Regiment captain's epaulette for recruiting officer
Nationality German
Period c 1936-45

This is a field epaulette (viz dull bullion) for an officer serving with the recruit depot. Every regiment would have had a recruit depot where the young men would have come from the Arbeitsdienst for processing into the regular army. This was normally done on a regional basis.

It is built around a stiff card base, with an orange-red felted wool underlay, dull bullion braid with gilt finish regimental and rank insignia. This orange-red piping is unique to the recruiting department.

This has obviously been worn and almost certainly stitched into the shoulder of a tunic, viz the rather unfinished look at the base. The condition is a little grubby, but it is still reasonably clean.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Buckles have arrived. They are very beautiful! I'm glad and satisfied. Thank you for your quick and accurate business and all the best for the future.

C K, Finland, 07.05.2014

Many thanks for letting me know, can confirm it arrived this morning, safe and sound.

Marvellous piece, thanks again!

R B, UK, 10.12.2012