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Title .32 calibre 5-shot rimfire revolver
Nationality American
Period c 1880

This contemporary copy of a Colt New Line pistol is a 'suicide' or 'Saturday-night special', the kind of gun that put Colt's production line in this area out of business because they could be produced so cheaply. Typically, this was packed as a back-up pistol or carried by gamblers and criminals. It would have taken a black powder load.

It was retailed by 'Cheever & Burchard, Cutlery Co.' (punched along the top strap).

The gun's overall length is just over 7 inches. It has a nice rifled barrel (overall length 2.25 inches) and a good strong action, with two positions, half and full cock, and a reasonably tight lock up. It has 95% of its original EPNS finish and the original chequered composition grips. Unusually it has fish engraved with electric pencil on the cylinder. There is some wear to the front and flutes of the cylinder and odd spots of wear on the frame, but generally it is in excellent shape. The cylinder spindle has had a little abuse with pliers in its day, fairly typical for this sort of weapon.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Firearms : Obsolete Cartridge : American : 19th Century]


I received the silver Verdienstkreuz this morning. Your swiftness and dedication was very much appreciated and, though the envelope arrived with a Post Office sticker saying it had been found open or damaged, the cross was unharmed and looks beautiful. Thanks for your time.

E C, UK, 18.10.2005

Arrived safely. Excellent item. Really good condition. A good addition to the collection. Many thanks for a stress free transaction.

R B, UK, 17.10.2005