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Title Allgemeine SS other ranks waist buckle
Nationality German
Period c 1929-35

This is essentially an unmarked Overhoff & Co buckle which has had some restoration, to whit the brass belt prongs and a new brass goal post. The goal post replaces some horrible lead solder device which has now been largely cleaned off, probably taking any maker's marks with it! However, the price reflects all this.

There is another perfect Overhoff buckle on the site if you want to make a comparison. Like the other one, it is made of solid nickel silver. In fact, it may be rather earlier than the other, inasmuch as the relief is somewhat sharper, perhaps made from a slightly different die.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Belt Buckles : Third Reich : SS Police Fire]


I received the Norwegian Krag bayonet and it is more than I expected. Absolutely beautiful condition. Thank you very much.

D K, USA, 12.04.2016

Yes, arrived safe and sound, very nice, and very interesting. Have a couple of friends in the States slavering over the pictures, one of them loves searching old lists, etc. If I can tie it down more definitely will let you know.

N R, UK, 19.10.2005