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Title Berlin police shako
Nationality German
Period c 1930-36

This is the classic Schupohelm of the Weimar Republic, in this instance with the Berlin bear on the centre device of the helmet plate. These briefly continued in use after WW2, probably using old stocks. They were designed to protect the head from missiles of various sorts in riots. There is a Friedrich Becker & Co maker label inside the shako.

The shako is made of vulkanfiber (= vulcanised fibre). I think these were introduced in the late 20s/early 30s. The previous examples were made of leather. The pattern which followed this, in 1936, had the body of the shako covered in green or blue cloth, except for the Hilfspolizei who wore the vulkanfiber pattern with a Reichsadler on the front.

The lining is of calf leather, on which there is barely a mark, and there is some rather crumbly red sponge material at the front of the helmet under the lining. This is classic evidence of pre-war construction on field caps as well as on shakos.

The condition is almost ex-stores, with a bit of wear to the front and back peaks and a few minor scuffs here and there. It has its original leather chin strap with aluminium fittings. The side bosses would appear to be of brass, as are the grommets which form the ventilation holes.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Very pleased with antique revolver. Better condition then expected.

D B, UK, 08.12.2012

Bayonet arrived today, very quick, and very pleased.

P H, UK, 13.11.2010