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Title Charles I transitional rapier
Nationality English
Period c 1630-45
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Transitional rapiers bridge the gap between the heavy combat rapier of the early 17th century and the smallsword of the Charles II period. The king's head motif is spread throughout the hilt, which is of chiselled iron pierced through with cornucopia designs on the guard. Typically these were worn by Cavalier (as opposed to Roundhead!) officers.

The blade is a German example (orb and cross motif, ie Solingen) posing as a Spanish piece, with Sahagun on one side and some imaginary maker on the other, and is 35.25 inches long.

The hilt is a modern binding of silver wire with passable Turk's heads and a slightly loose central binding. There are several breaks in the structure of the guard, namely at the quillon and on one of the sidebars where it joins the guard. Both these have been brazed in the traditional manner. The inside of the guard has extensive dark patination. All other surfaces have been bright polished at some stage, which has now patinated down to an acceptable level.

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My husband LOVED his North Africa escape map - I had it professionally framed - it's beautiful.

T A, UK, 02.04.2013

Hallo Chris, its coming [it came] today, it's very good, thank you.

P P, Sweden, 16.08.2006