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Title Chassepot rifle bayonet, 1866 model
Nationality French
Period c 1866-71
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This may well have seen service in the Paris Commune of 1871, when a short-lived rising by socialist revolutionary elements briefly took control of the town. Typically, many weapons which fell into the insurgents' hands would have had the old 'Manufacture Imperial' removed to accomodate the new regime!

Equally, many Chassepot rifles and their bayonets would have seen service with Garibaldi's men in the late 1860s, where republican sentiment, together with mistrust of Napoleon III, was widespread. You can clealy see where the original inscription on the spine of the blade has been removed. The Chassepot was the French response to the Prussian needle gun. In many ways it was a better rifle: the 'needle' element in the Prussian gun was prone to corrosion in the field as the black powder charge actually exploded all around it because it had to penetrate the cartidge to detonate the primer which was placed under the bullet. The Chassepot cartridge was a regular centrefire design, putting no undue stress on the bolt in such a corrosive form.

The scabbard has an even light brown patina and the blade, now cleaned bright, shows evidence of old corrosion.

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Helmet arrived safely and am pleased with it.

A M, UK, 24.01.2013

The bayonet just arrived, it's great, I'm very pleased with it. Thanks again for a superb service.

G D, UK, 29.01.2012