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Title Cromwellian back sword
Nationality British
Period c 1640
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English Civil War period mortuary sword, traditionally worn with a buff coat and breast and back plate by officers of cavalry and infantry units on both sides. These were called mortuary swords by 19th-century collectors, as the typical design of a long-haired man was thought to commemorate the execution of King Charles I in 1648

The back sword blade (34"), which has had considerable cleaning over the years, is either German or North Italian. There are no repairs obviously visible, since its original manufacture, on the nicely chiselled iron hilt. The inside of the guard is well patinated, even showing the hammer marks from the original forging. The copper wire grip may well have been refurbished at some point in the last 100 years. However, the tang button shows very little evidence of any recent disturbance and both it and the tang are also nicely patinated.

There is a wonderful statue of Cromwell in Parliament Square (London) holding this sword in one hand and the Bible in the other (as I remember).

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Dear Chris, truncheon arrived safe and sound yesterday... what a beauty! I look forward to our next transaction.

C C, Australia, 18.09.2012

My bayonet arrived this morning, super fast delivery! It's an excellent bayonet and I'm very pleased with it!!

S A, UK, 12.12.2007