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Title Dragoon sabre, model 1825, by Zetterberg
Nationality Swedish
Period c 1825
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This splendid sabre was carried by Swedish dragoon regiments, the hussar version having a much steeper curve, and a shorter blade. The influence is clearly French, but the construction is more like a Russian sabre, with an iron guard rather than a brass one. The panelled scabbard shows clear Austrian influence - a typical feature of KuK sabres.

It has a 90 cm blade, 3.6 cm across, 104 cm total length. The weight with the scabbard is 1.9 kilo. It has the original leather wrap on the grip and there would appear to be a maker's/retailer's name punched into the back of the scabbard,just at the base of the top scabbard locket, which appears to be 'Zetterberg', on closer inspection.

Christopher Zetterberg (1775-1852) studied his trade in Solingen and ran his factory at Eskilstuna in Sweden from 1807 until his death, taking over from the Dinger family of Solingen. He had 50 employees.

The weight and dimensions are very close to the 1809 model Russian light cavalry sabre; also, unlike the French with their brass hilts, it is an iron-mounted weapon. There would appear to be unit marks on the base of the blade and hilt, together with an anchor mark - an arsenal stamp perhaps?

Its condition is superb. It would appear to have been carefully hand cleaned throughout. There are some old brazing repairs at the base of the scabbard, or this could have been part of the original construction.

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I have now collected from depot and am very satisfied with the bayonet. Many thanks once again for your excellent service.

S H, UK, 04.02.2012

The parcel has arrived. Fantastic bayonets!!! Thank you very much!

M G, Germany, 09.12.2005