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Title East India Company naval officer's buttons
Nationality British Empire
Period mid-19th century

These buttons probably date from the pre-Mutiny period, because in about 1860 the British Government took over from the EIC, implicitly blaming them for their failure to contain the Mutiny without the aid of Imperial troops. The old EIC navy then became the Royal Indian Marine.

The device of the lion holding the crown in his paws with one foot in the air is classic imagery of the EIC found on gunlocks, among other things. The EIC navy was responsible for guarding convoys and troop transports and generally protecting the Company's commercial activities worldwide. For some reason, their buttons rarely seem to come on the market.

The condition is excellent, with a little wear and tear here and there. They are made by Firmin of London.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Bayonets arived today and as always they're great. Thanks again.

G D, UK, 02.12.2011

I am just dropping your company a line to say thank you for the 2nd WW Iron Cross, that my brother has purchased off your site Thursday evening. We received it 1st class today and it is in excellent condition. Many thanks again.

J B, UK, 15.10.2005