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Title EIC infantry officer's sword, 1822 pattern
Nationality British
Period c 1822-60
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This is the infantry pattern sword for the East India Company officers of the mid-19th century. The lion represents England and it carries a crown in its paws. This emblem can also be found on the gun locks of the muskets and pistols of the period. It would have been carried in a leather and gilt scabbard (now missing).

The blade would originally have been engraved with the EIC lion and, in fact, you can just see traces of it if you tilt it carefully. The lion would probably have been engraved on both sides of the blade. Basically, the engraving has been worn away through service use and age. There are a few nicks down the last 18 inches of the blade and it has clearly had some field service sharpening at some stage. The inside flap on the guard has been torn off and there are several patches of bare wood where the fishskin has been damaged on the wood. However, it has all its original wiring and a nice detail of a rose covering the tang on the pommel, which indicates earlier rather than later date. The hilt, miraculously, retains some 75% or more of its gilding. On account of its condition, this sword is very reasonably priced, for it is a rare item.

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The bayonet has safely arrived this this morning. Thank you very much for professional and highest quality service. Looking forward to do the business again.

S F, UK, 21.04.2012

Fantastic purchase, all badges genuine as described, a pleasure to do business!

J N, UK, 10.02.2007