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Title Five-shot .41 calibre rimfire revolver, ivory-gripped
Nationality American
Period 1873-78

This black powder weapon was made by the US Arms Company (in business 1873-78, the middle of the cowboy period!), who had a factory in Brooklyn, and would have been carried by sheriffs, riverboat gamblers and assorted 'bad guys' as a back-up weapon if their heavier guns weren't to hand! It was probably made under Otis A Smith's patent.

The grip is made of elephant ivory and there are matching serial numbers on the frame, cylinder and cylinder spindle. It is a single action weapon with a stub trigger.

The action is sharp; the barrel has a few spots of pitting, but is pretty sharp generally, with quite shallow rifling. If it has any faults, there is some loss to the nickel silver finish, perhaps 5% at most, and the springs holding the cylinder spindle are a little weak.

This calibre is obsolete in the UK under recent amendments to the Firearms Act and is sold under section 58 of this Act, ie as an antique for display purposes.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Firearms : Obsolete Cartridge : American : 19th Century]


Hi Chris, just to let you know it arrived safely and I am very happy with it, also the condition. I have been looking for a while for that particular style and maker.. Thanks again for everything and I shall now be keeping an eye on your web page.

C A, UK, 28.09.2010

Just wanted to thank you very much for finding the sword - you have made C's day and therefore mine!

A J, UK, 04.05.2006