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Title Heavy cavalry officer's dress sword, 1796 pattern
Nationality British
Period c 1796-1801
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This rare sword has the regulation blue and gilt backsword blade (32.5 inches long) and is marked on the back of the blade at the forte, J J Runkel Solingen. This sword is memorably carried by George III on his equestrian statue in Cockspur Street, London W1. They were also worn by staff officers before the introduction of the 1803 pattern.

The blue and gilt blade has, on one side, the pre-1801 arms and, on the other, the intials of the king under a crown. There is some scattered pitting, particularly on the obverse side of the blade, and a little less scarring on the reverse - about 60% of the original blue and gilt finish remains. There is also some 30% finish left on the back of the blade, together with some patches of pitting, mostly cleaned out.

The blade has its original point and the scabbard throat is shaped for a backsword blade. The scabbard is mounted with steel split rings and has its original wooden liners, but has some scattered pitting throughout. The original grip wire is of the silver wrap wire variety. The boat shell guard is a little wobbly, quite typical of this type of sword. The hilt has most of its original gilding, with a little rubbing to the highlights, especially on the pommel, upper knuckle bow and obverse underside of the guard. The tang has never been disturbed.

In its incarnation with a backsword blade, it is considerably rarer than the more normally found broadsword blade.

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the Bayonet is superb and exactly as described if not better.

Your customer service is excellent, and will recommend you to others.

Ian Stokes, United Kingdom, 26.03.2019

The cavalry sword arrived safely this morning, very pleased with it. Many thanks.

S G, UK, 20.01.2009