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Title Imperial Chinese cavalry sword
Nationality Chinese
Period 1890s
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This rare sword by E & F Horster of Solingen, in a contract numbering approximately 850 pieces, was made for the Chinese government at the end of the 19th century and is based on the 1889 pattern Prussian cavalry sword.

It would have been captured during the Boxer Rebellion of 1904 by the East Asia expeditionary force of the German army and subsequently used by their cavalry in China at Tsing-Tau until the fort was captured by a combined force of British and Japanese troops in 1914 (ie captured twice). The reason why these swords always appear in England is that they were primarily looted by British troops in this campaign, viz the South Wales Borderers amongst others.

The condition is excellent; there are, however, some traces of minor surface rust to the interior of the guard and some minor patination to the pommel and the ferrule on the grip. It has its original pinewood slides, which have been thoroughly cleaned of all grease using methylated spirits. The grip is of composition material, a form of hardened rubber. The sword has a polished steel hilt and scabbard, which has been carefully cleaned by hand.

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Hi Chris, kukris received, love them, many thanks

S H, UK, 17.08.2015

Thanks very much for the bayonet. I am very happy, I think your photos of your items are great because nothing is hidden and you can clearly see them. (Unlike some other dealers.) Everything was as you describe, I will be keeping a eye on your site for any further bayonets for my collection.

S W, UK, 10.01.2013