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Title Imperial German navy battle flag
Nationality German
Period c 1914-18

This would have been flown from frigates or destroyers throughout WW1 and, indeed, in the early days before the war. These were also used later on: one was carried in the 1923 Munich putsch by Heinrich Himmler - there is a photograph showing him at the barricades on the day in question.

It measures 1m 7cm x 2m. It has its original lanyard, some 60cm or so long, and is in relatively good shape, considering the wear and tear it may well have seen.

There are minor moth holes throughout the piece, but the colours are still nice and sharp, with only the white having faded a little.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Militaria : Miscellaneous : German : 20th Century]


I picked up the No5 this morning and I'm well pleased with it.

Thanks very much for a great deal hope to trade again in the future.

A M, UK, 06.07.2013

Just to let you know the two propelling pencils, in the form of pistols, have just arrived in the condition you sent them. Thank you very much indeed for your excellent and prompt service, and I will keep a look out on your site for any other pencils you may have for sale in the future.

M H, UK, 09.02.2011