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Title King's Marshalman's tipstaff, silver mounted
Nationality British
Period 1831

Magnificent King's Marshalmen tipsaff, London hallmarks for 1831, maker Isaac Hebberd. The staff body is ebony with a black lacquer finish. One silver cap is engraved with the Victorian Royal Arms, the other with the portcullis crest of the Houses of Parliament.

The King's Marshalmen, led by the Knight Marshal (the deputy of the Earl Marshall, a royal court official), were the police for Buckingham Palace, St James's Palace, the House of Lords from the 18th century through to circa 1939. Their office was the oldest police force in England, dating back to Henry VIII. They had jurisdiction within 12 miles of Whitehall.

This staff would originally have shown the Hanoverian shield in the centre of the Royal Arms, later replaced with the Victorian shield (Victoria reigned 1837-1901).

On my site, there are also the uniform and sword of this unit. This is probably the rarest English silver-mounted tipstaff of a police unit that one is ever likely to find. At any given point, there were only eight Marshalmen in service.

This tipstaff comes with documentation: old photos showing them being carried circa 1890 and 1925; a brief history of the unit; and the page from Court Dress Regulations, circa 1930.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Today I have received the Bilbo. It is a beautiful sword. Thank you!

R K, Netherlands, 06.12.2007

Just wanted to thank you very much for finding the sword - you have made C's day and therefore mine!

A J, UK, 04.05.2006