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Title KuK dragoon NCO's helmet
Nationality Austrian
Period 1905-18

These helmets were worn by the Austrian heavy cavalry in various forms from the late 18th century onwards. This good example is of the ultimate form, as used in World War 1 and in the annexation of Bosnia in 1908. The body of the helmet is leather and the base of the comb is polished brass, indicating NCO status.

The helmet plate would appear to be electro-form zinc with a gilt finish. This does not indicate a modern replacement, but rather the individual fancy of the NCO for a more elaborate plate. The screw threads at the back of the plate are brass and hand cut, indicating period construction. There is overall evidence of service wear (see dent to left-hand comb, minor crushing of front peak of comb, retouching of paintwork to front and back peaks and sides of comb, as one would expect on a helmet of this age).

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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My Arisaka arrived at 9.00am. Very prompt delivery and excellent packaging! The blade is superb.. and just what I was after, its in very fine condition and just as you described.. I've referenced it in my copy of Raymond La Bar's book "Bayonets of Japan".

Many thanks, Chris, once again its been a pleasure doing business!

S A, UK, 14.08.2012

Yes, arrived safe and sound, very nice, and very interesting. Have a couple of friends in the States slavering over the pictures, one of them loves searching old lists, etc. If I can tie it down more definitely will let you know.

N R, UK, 19.10.2005