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Title KuK hussar's sabre, 1768 model
Nationality Austrian
Period c 1770
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This sword may well be an earlier model, but all the books I have indicate that it's the 1768 pattern. This was carried by Austro-Hungarian light cavalry units throughout the wars of Maria Theresa against Frederick the Great and, on occasion, the French. It probably saw service right up to the early 19th century, when the 1803 model replaced it.

Austrian troopers' swords of the 18th century are on the rare side because they got scrapped and turned in for newer models, whereas Austrian officers' swords survived in greater quantity, being private purchase items. The etched double eagle on both sides of the blade is effectively the Austrian ordnance mark.

The blade measures 83cm and may have lost a couple of centimetres at the most. The throat is missing completely, as is a single langet on the hilt. Half the grip is missing; however, what is there is unquestionably the original. The scabbard is fairly crudely made and the seam has opened up in several places on the leading edge. The scabbard has some fairly severe rust patination mixed with old paint. The metal of the hilt would appear to be in slightly better shape. However, this is far from being a relic status sword as the blade is still in nice shape for its age, with a certain amount of surface patina scattered throughout. Perhaps I am biased, being half Austrian, but I always grab Austrian material when it turns up, even when it's in a bit of a state like this one. Having said that, this is the first time in 40 years of dealing that I have had an 18th-century Austrian trooper's sabre in my hands.

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Many thanks - badge recieved - excellent one!

A K, UK, 06.02.2014

Everything AOK. Excellent stuff on your part. I would not hesitate to buy like objects off you again. My sincere thanks!

D S, Australia, 31.12.2007