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Title Light Cavalry sabre, model 1811
Nationality Prussian
Period c 1807-13
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This is essentially a British 1796 Light Cavalry sabre manufactured by the famous Birmingham cutler John Gill (marked 'I GILL' on the back of the forte), part of the export consignment which Prussia bought between 1807 and 1813, a total of 16,000 sabres. The Prussian Light Cavalry in the latter part of the Napoleonic Wars would have carried these.

The base of the scabbard is marked on the drag 57.1.L.H.R.2.E, S following on the reverse of the drag! It stands for 'weapon number 57, 1st Landwehr Hussaren, 2nd Squadron'. This regiment almost certainly fought at Leipzig in 1813, the campaign of France in 1814 and, finally, at Waterloo in 1815.

The leatherwork of the grip is mostly intact, with no plastic filler. However, the wood shows through in a number of places. The original leather washer/seating is intact.

The blade is a little on the scruffy side, with one severe edge nick and a couple of other minor nibbles. There is a bend in the blade about 6" from the point which has been straightened out, but the bruise remains. There are odd patches of pitting throughout the rest of the blade. The blade has never been out of the hilt and the whole weapon has had a thorough hand clean. The price reflects the condition of the blade. I would expect one of these with a good blade to fetch nearer 700.

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The book arrived this afternoon. I'm delighted with it. Many thanks. I'll certainly deal with you again.

J W, UK, 17.01.2012

Bayonet arrived safely today. Thanks very much indeed, I'm very pleased with it.

N M, UK, 30.12.2009