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Title Mannlicher bayonet, 1904 model (UVF contract)
Nationality Austrian
Period c 1908
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This is one of 12,000 bayonets, which, together with their rifles, were shipped to the Ulster Volunteer Force in 1912. These weapons helped create the Curragh Incident in 1913 where many senior officers of the British army offered to resign their commissions over the arming of the Protestant militia in Ulster.

Some of these weapons wound up in the hands of the IRA in the course of the troubles.

The rifle cartridge was the standard 7.92 mm German Mauser service round.

The design of the hilt is that of the 1871/84 model Mauser bayonet. However, this bayonet has OEWG stamped deeply at the forte, indicating Austrian factory production at Oesterreiche Waffen Gesellschaft. The scabbard has virtually all its original black paint, which is crazed throughout. One fruitwood grip has some minor bruising and the frog stud is good and tight. The muzzle ring diameter is 14 mm as opposed to the more usually encountered German varieties which have a 17 mm diameter. The blade has all its factory polish.

This bayonet was sourced from Northern Ireland and the number 203 is stamped on the crossguard.

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Many thanks, badge was awaiting my return today. Pleasure dealing with you again. I'll be back again.

P B, UK, 20.02.2008

Just wanted to thank you very much for finding the sword - you have made C's day and therefore mine!

A J, UK, 04.05.2006