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Title Miquelet rifle
Nationality Turkish
Period c 1760

This has a 60 calibre, 46-inch damascus steel barrel, with a little silver koftgari work at both ends. The brass overlay decoration of the stock was inspired by the Ripoll pistols of Catalonia and the lock is a straight copy from the Spanish. The lockplate is signed in Islamic script in a punch and is extensively inlaid and overlaid with silver.

The barrel may be an older Persian example from a 17th-century matchlock. In this part of the world, they never threw anything away if it was still usable (or reusable). These weapons wound up in the West principally through the Imperial Austrian interface along their very long border with the Turks in the 18th century.

A chunk of wood (approximately 8 inches long) at the fore-end of the stock has been carefully replaced and the front cappucine is missing. The top jaw and screw are missing. The remains of the top jaw screw still sits in the cock.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The badges arrived this morning. Thank you for the prompt delivery and your help...

J H, UK, 13.01.2012

Just to tell you that the bayo arrived today and I'm very pleased with it.

C A, Netherlands, 06.11.2006