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Title Officer's spadroon, iron mounted
Nationality British
Period c 1750-60
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This is a typical infantry officer's combat sword from the most amazing decade of the 18th century, when imperial expansion reached its apogee with the seizure of both Bengal and Quebec from the French. Other ranks carried musket and bayonet and sometimes a hanger at this period; only officers carried a sword.

It has its original rayskin grip and wiring. The guard is slightly loose with age, but the grip has never been dismantled. It would be a simple matter to tighten up the grip with slithers of clock spring, but I leave this to the collector. The backsword blade is 32.5 inches long.

It was filthy when I got it and I have given it a gentle clean with steel wool, oil and Solvo Autosol, which produces a rather nice grey-blue sheen. If you wanted to get the hilt shiny bright, like it would have been in its day, it would need a few more hours of TLC! I am a firm believer in leaving things be when there is a nice patina.

There is a small patch of corrosion about two inches from the point, probably the result of being left in a damp scabbard at some stage. The blade retains all its original form, although I had to clean off a fair degree of surface rust. There is no scabbard.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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I received the items today and I am very pleased with them. Thank you.

E W, The Netherlands, 13.03.2010

Got the medal today. It's a fine medal and I'm very happy with it. Thanks.

P F, UK, 21.06.2006