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Title Overhof-marked SS man's buckle, nickel silver
Nationality German
Period c 1927-36

This enlisted man's buckle was worn by the SS right up until the introduction of the new aluminium buckles in 1936. This one is unusual, insomuch as the face plate, with the exception of the edges, has been given a frosted finish (by sand blasting or some other process). The normal finish would have been a regular nickel silver finish (shiny).

When, shortly before the war, the aluminium buckles were issued, with a matt grey finish to dull them down, possibly Overhof had old stocks of nickel buckles and treated them in a similar manner (in other words giving them a matt finish) to offload them. This frosting would appear to be a contemporary practice - I have seen it before on other German box buckles of this era.

NB: The current Hungarian copies of this buckle have a silver-soldered goal post. The originals would always appear to have a brazed fitting.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Belt Buckles : Third Reich : SS Police Fire]


Just a quick line to advise that the badges have arrived in good condition and I am very pleased with them.

Thanks again for your prompt and kind attention.

P M, Australia, 03.10.2012

Hi.recived the svt 40 bayonet today.great item.

P L, Sweden, 06.08.2012