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Title Pair Sheffield Plate yeomanry officer's epaulettes
Nationality British
Period 1825-38

These pieces can be fairly precisely dated, both by style and by the name on the small buttons, Nortzel & Broughton, who worked at Bouverie Street, off Fleet Street, London, between 1825 and 1838. They would have had regimental devices (sadly now missing) screwed on through the holes. They are about 15 cms long.

These are made of double-sided Sheffield Plate, ie copper base metal with silver finish fused on to the metal by mercury amalgam process in an oven. These were black, filthy and a bit mothy when I bought them. All the moth detritus has been carefully cleaned out (I dismantled the cloth elements to do this). There are still areas of wear and patination that I have been unable to improve.

I know that they are yeomanry by virtue of the silver colour - all line regiment cavalry at this period would have had gilt/brass fittings on their accoutrements.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Thank you for the delivery which arrived yesterday. The badges are in excellent condition.

P S, UK, 18.12.2012

Wanted to let you know the items arrived today. Great job on the packing. Too often I buy very expensive and irreplaceable items from the UK and they get sent barely packed to protect them from the various postal services - appreciate you going the extra mile to insure it arrived in the shape it left. Thanks again, look forward to doing business with you in the future. Items were very nice, exactly as offered.

M M, USA, 18.03.2010