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Title Parker Field Provost Staff Corps tipstaff
Nationality British
Period c 1860

This is a relatively rare example of a Parker Field tipstaff with War Department markings (W followed by a broad arrow and the letter D). These were carried by military police and prison personnel in the mid-19th century, before the introduction of the warrant card.

The barrel of the tipstaff is ebony, the mounts brass with substantial remains of the original laquer. The base is stamped 'Parker Field & Sons // London'. The crown unscrews from the body of the piece. However, the cross on top of the crown does not unscrew from the crown as is usual with these pieces; it simply turns about 20 degrees and would appear to be jammed.

The laquer on the crown is browning somewhat through age and on the barrel of the staff has some scrape marks. The top of the crown shows evidence of some bruising, but otherwise the piece is in excellent shape.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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My husband LOVED his North Africa escape map - I had it professionally framed - it's beautiful.

T A, UK, 02.04.2013

...acquiring this bayonet has completely changed my way of thinking on collecting bayonets. I have become extremely fond of the bayonet... Thanking you once again for the very professional way in which you handled the money [going to the wrong account] problem.

P J, South Africa, 04.02.2006