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Title Pikeman's breastplate
Nationality English
Period c 1643

This fine example, in terms of surface condition, has no armourer's mark, hence the English attribution (European pieces of this date would almost certainly have had a mark). Worn by the pike bearing infantry of both sides during the English Civil War, the armour comprised a broad brimmed helmet, a back- (and breast-) plate and tassets.

There is some cribbling through age and rust at the edges, but only of a very minor nature. There is also some minor holing to the skirts of the piece. It has all its metal eyes in place for supporting the tassets and the backstrap elements, togther with the original hooks which would have secured the backplate. (The chain is simply a suspension device for display purposes.)

It measures 13.75 inches across at the lower arm pit and 14.75 inches high from the middle of the throat to the bottom of the skirt.

This has not been cleaned on a buffing wheel, but has been very carefully cleaned by hand and, at present, has a film of light grease, which has dried hard, protecting the metalwork, giving it a pleasing, slightly dulled patina. This could be rendered bright, should it be required, by the application of steel wool and WD40.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Thank you for the delivery which arrived yesterday. The badges are in excellent condition.

P S, UK, 18.12.2012

Everything AOK. Excellent stuff on your part. I would not hesitate to buy like objects off you again. My sincere thanks!

D S, Australia, 31.12.2007