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Title RAMC marked sword bayonet for short Enfield rifle
Nationality British
Period 1858-1860s
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This is the 1858 pattern ordnance issue bayonet for the short Enfield rifle, differing from the earlier versions by virtue of having a screw on the leaf spring instead of a rivet and no short slot forward of the bayonet stud mortice. It is marked on the pommel, now only faintly visible, RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps).

This bayonet was issued at the end of the 19th century to medical personnel, who did not carry a rifle, but were perceived to have a need for a sidearm in emergencies. I have come across one of these before. In this instance, the spring catch has been deliberately modified so that it cannot lock onto a rifle. The bushing on the muzzle ring, broken half way across, was introduced to enable the bayonet to be fitted to the new Martini-Henry rifle, which replaced the Snider and the Enfield, for which the bayonets were originally made. An interesting case of obsolete equipment being reissued in a practical manner.

The markings at the forte of the blade show issue dates varying from 1888 through to 1892 and there is a very faint mark on the pommel, which might indicate a final 1902 issue date.

It is the bar on barrel variety and has a rather scruffy chequered leather grip, reflecting its years of service with the army. The blade is good, showing some wear from sharpening. It has a nice leather scabbard, which, although showing some signs of wear, has its seam intact and the original staples on both mounts.

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The book arrived this afternoon. I'm delighted with it. Many thanks. I'll certainly deal with you again.

J W, UK, 17.01.2012

i received the baio - great item - thanks

D P, France, 29.11.2010