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Title Other ranks waist belt clasp, German pattern
Nationality Turkish
Period c 1914

This is the classic other ranks buckle of WW1, introduced into the Turkish Army at the turn of the century and almost certainly made in Germany for export, along with all the other ordnance material that Turkey bought from about 1890 onwards, when Germany and Austria replaced Britain and France as their arms suppliers.

The construction is a typical brass box-style plate introduced into the German army in 1896. The nickel face plate is fixed at the rear with two solder points and the gate post of the buckle is brazed in place. The swivel element is made of seamless brass tubing with a brass fork brazed in place for gripping the tongue of the belt.

Its condition is excellent, with minimal wear to the highlights and a little bruising and age marking to the brass.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Belt Buckles : Turkish : 20th Century]


I received the sword and belt this afternoon. Always a bit of a risk buying this sort of thing online but I'm very pleased with the quality of the sword and scabbard...

P R, UK, 28.08.2014

I received the book yesterday and I must say I am delighted with it, a cracking piece of work ... A very big thank you for perservering and getting the book to me, a big thumbs up for you and your business.

C B, UK, 05.01.2006