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Title Siege breast plate
Nationality Italian
Period c 1570

I believe that this is an Italian siege breastplate, modified by the addition of a lance rest to simulate a piece of tilting equipment/field armour. Siege armours would never have had such a gadget. It weighs approx. 5 kilos, far heavier than any field plate. Siege armour was always heavy to protect the wearer from shell splinters and musket balls.

This would have been worn with a backplate and helmet of corresponding weight, the whole ensemble over a buff coat.

Its condition is excellent for its age, with a large striation/forging fault at the base of the plate. It is typical of 16th-century armour, inasmuch as the edges of the arm pit and neck are rolled to the front over iron wire.

There is a black preservative finish on the reverse.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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I received the cockade today and am very pleased!

D B, UK, 27.12.2010

The medal is in superb condition and the pouch. Thanks very much, Chris.

M T, UK, 21.03.2007