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Title Silver-mounted hunting hanger
Nationality British or Dutch
Period c 1680
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This size hanger was introduced at the restoration of Charles II in 1660 following a European fashion for shorter blades (this one is nearly 17" long). Its purpose being no longer finishing off boars and stags, but increasingly self defence, the shorter length was more convenient than a smallsword.

This example, so typical of the era, has a buck horn hilt, popular on hangers from Holland down to Bavaria, the last favouring slab side grip plates. There are no hallmarks, but 17th-century English practice allowed a silversmith to produce an unmarked item as long as the client provided his own bullion. On balance, I would consider this an English sword with extensive Dutch influence, especially as regards the form of the pommel, presence of a side guard and baroque ornament throughout. Most English silver hangers have round pommels, no side guards and fairly plain ornamentation.

The blade is German, probably Passau (running wolf mark) in upper Bavaria, and has been electro-plated.

There is a small residue of lead solder on the pommel by the tang button and on the nose where it joins the guard. The scabbard leather is of recent origin, as is the top mount.

An interesting feature, which I have never seen before, is the ornate frog stud on the scabbard - frog studs are invariably much simpler on most comparable swords. Original scabbards were usually calf leather over a wood body.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Many thanks for sending the Troddels to me. I was very pleased that they were in the fine condition that you described.

J G, UK, 24.05.2010

Thank you, Chris. All arrived safely. Very quickly too, much quicker than from the US! Very satisfied. It is a nice sword.

Anyway, thanks again and I have marked your site for future interest.

T P, New Zealand, 04.04.2005