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Title Tap action, double-barrelled flintlock pistol
Nationality French
Period c 1800

This is a direct copy of an English design, almost certainly made in France, the piquet work on the butt being typically French, with the early Liege proof marks, in use up to 1816 when they were changed to a letter punch within a circle. The French rarely copied English designs, so this is an interesting pistol.

The work on the butt is reminiscent of Le Page or some other high quality French gunsmith, although it is unsigned. The turn-off barrels produced a gas tight seal for the lead ball as it travelled down the barrel, giving a very powerful result at close range. The tap had two positions with two priming charges, one for the upper barrel and one for the lower.

There has been some minor restoration to the woodwork of the butt in the past, but overall the pistol is in excellent shape for its age. The top jaw and screw would appear to be replacements. The action has been carefully overhauled by a competent gunsmith.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Firearms : Flintlock Pistols : French : 19th Century]


My order arrived this morning, thanks for the prompt delivery.

Two excellent original pieces, I must say.

Buckle is in minty condition retaining so much detail esp plummage on eagle's neck and chest, like to see those 'creases' on the legs also... a beautiful example of an early O&C buckle.

Belt is very interesting, rather thin, CROUPON stamped and also behind the tongue...maybe Allegmeine but no SS markings as you state. Beautiful piece none the less.

Thanks for a speedy transaction Chris, I am very happy with my purchase :)

B M, United Kingdom, 26.10.2018

I have received the dirk and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for delivering this in a professional and timely manner.

S M, Australia, 19.07.2010