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Title US M17 bayonet for British Home Guard
Nationality American
Period 1917
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This bayonet is a prime example of the Lend Lease deal between the UK and the USA in 1940 - part of the near obsolete weapons that America shipped to Britain in her darkest hour after Dunkirk. The leather frog is stamped 'BH & Co' and dated 1940; the blade is Winchester maker marked at the forte and clearly dated 1917.

There are US ordnance marks at the forte of the blade. This would originally have been issued to US troops for service with the 30.06 bolt action magazine rifle. It would also have fitted the P13 rifle, US made for the Britsh army in .303 calibre. The leather frog is of British make.

The whole weapon has been carefully cleaned by hand from a position of medium rust overall. The blade, however, is still in excellent shape.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Order was received on Saturday.

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