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Title Volunteer sword bayonet for short Enfield rifle
Nationality British
Period 1860-68
 (This item is subject to special postage, click here for more information.)

This is not an issue weapon, but almost certainly a private purchase item, bought by one of the volunteers in the numerous volunteer rifle regiments that were raised between 1857 into the early 1860s at the time of the French invasion scare. There are volunteer unit markings engraved on the frog stud, sadly barely legible.

It is maker marked Chavasse of Alma Street, Aston Newton, active 1860-68. If it were government issue, it would have ordnance marks as well (see the other one on my site, which is government issue). It is actually bettter made than the average government issue piece.

This is the 1858 pattern bayonet for the short Enfield rifle, differing from the earlier versions by virtue of having a screw on the leaf spring instead of a rivet and no short slot forward of the bayonet stud mortice.

It is the bar on band variety and has a magnificent chequered leather grip and most of the original polish remaining on the blade with a few scattered rust spots here and there. The bottom chape is missing its staple and is currently secured by a piece of 4x2 rifle rag, easily removable if desired. The top mount has been modified with a file, so that the bayonet could be comfortably mounted on the rifle with the scabbard in situ.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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I just got my Tiroler shooting badge in the mail today and it looks great, thank you.

K O, USA, 02.04.2015

Chris, got the buckle thanks and what a beauty, posted it on the forum already (war relics forum) I mod the buckle forum I have put a thanks to you on there with your site title so might drum up a bit of business for you :)

B E, UK, 13.12.2011