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Title Kampf im Westen stereoscopic photo album & book
Nationality German
Period 1940
Price £140.00

This is a classic propaganda piece produced by the German army (published by Raumbild-Verlag Otto Schonstein K-G in Munich) to commemorate the fall of France in 1940. This was volume 2; volume 1 would have commemorated the campaign in Poland, I suspect.

It is a combination of a 75-page book with eight colour illustrations and 100 pairs of stereoscopic photos together with its original black lacquered viewer, which enables the photographs to be viewed with a 3-D effect (quite startling on first encounter!). The photos are all present and correct and include about eight good shots of Waffen SS troops in their camo and/or SS police uniforms. There are many shots of the campaign: vehicles, bridge building pontoons, aircraft, artillery, etc, and a classic one (number 100) showing AH in contemplative mood standing outside the railway car at Compiegne forest during the French surrender. This card is slightly creased at one corner, but most of the rest are nice and sharp with little or no damage. On the reverse of each photograph is a short description, together with the name of the photographer (perhaps a dozen different ones) and the publisher's details.

There is minor patination on the exposed expanding steel x-frame, but all the original black lacquer and the lenses are in good shape. Generally speaking, the album is in excellent condition, with a little wear and tear to the binding at front and back and at the edges. The paper of the book is traditional wood pulp, which is beginning to brown a little with age. However, the colour photos appear to be printed on a better quality, thicker paper, with little or no browning throughout. The green end papers (in which all the photos sit in pockets) are reasonably clear, but there is some damage at the rear and front hinges.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The sword [knot] arrived today, very pleased with it. Your service is very quick and you are always a pleasure to buy from.

M H, UK, 20.01.2011

Everything AOK. Excellent stuff on your part. I would not hesitate to buy like objects off you again. My sincere thanks!

D S, Australia, 31.12.2007