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Title Luftwaffe goods parachute, camouflage rayon
Nationality German
Period c 1941-45

This is perhaps one of the rarest of the Luftwaffe parachutes, as the earlier versions were in white rayon for the paratroopers and the goods. These would have been used in operations such as the supply of Stalingrad during the siege, and other Luftwaffe supply drops.

It was considerably larger than the ordinary man's parachute, approximately twice as big. This particular example weighs about 6 kilos with its bag, which comes complete with the original manufacturer's label.

Rayon is a natural material made from wood pulp. It has excellent rot proof qualities and is a good replacement for silk or nylon.

I have examined the bulk of the chute and its rayon strings, and everything appears more or less in good shape, but with some staining throughout from use and age. There is some damage to the bag (the colour of which is closer to that in the photo third from the top, ie a light olive drab) at the leather eyelets.

The serial number on the chute does not match that on the bag.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The sword [knot] arrived today, very pleased with it. Your service is very quick and you are always a pleasure to buy from.

M H, UK, 20.01.2011

Thank you for the receipt. It wasn't necessary so soon. I was happy to get it when we meet. You have a most excellent reputation and I trust you. It is a pleasure to do business with you and hope to do more.

A T, UK, 08.06.2006