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Title 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards cap badge
Nationality British
Period c 1914-22

This regiment has an ancient lineage: originally raised as the 6th Horse (Arran's Cuirassiers), then the 5th Horse, then the 1st or 'Blue' Irish Horse, and lastly the 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards. They were amalgamated in 1922 with the 7th Dragoon Guards to form the 4th/7th Dragoon Guards, from 1936 adopting the title Royal.

A Royal Warrant of 1751 gave the badge on the appointments of the regiment as '1 H' for the 1st Irish Horse. The present title dates from 1788.

The condition is excellent. Note the two blow holes on the reverse. This is always a good indication of a period badge of bi-metal construction, as blow holes were usually necessary to allow the hot air from the brazing technique to escape, otherwise the badge would be distorted through heat. This was no longer necessary with badges from the WW2 era onwards as silver soldering was used increasingly to replace brazing.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Thanks very much for the bayonet. I am very happy, I think your photos of your items are great because nothing is hidden and you can clearly see them. (Unlike some other dealers.) Everything was as you describe, I will be keeping a eye on your site for any further bayonets for my collection.

S W, UK, 10.01.2013

Found the item a little on the expensive side and a bit disappointed that you were unwilling to bend a bit on the price of the Officer's Tunic Eagle (half the fun of buying, after all, is the haggling), but impressed by the speed of delivery and the quality of the item. Was well worth it in the long run...

G F, UK, 30.08.2005