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Title Paratroop gravity knife
Period c 2005

The left-hand knife in the top and bottom photos (with the darker grip) is a real original. The right-hand example, as well as the two centre photos, are of a modern copy, almost certainly made in Pakistan. NB: the marlin spike has an RB number identical to the original and a Luftwaffe acceptance stamp as well.

This was purchased recently in London by a good friend and client, Alex de Quesada from the USA. The first obvious fake indicator is that copper rivets have been used on the grips. Secondly, the marlin spike is a casting rather than a forging; the detachable iron muzzle is also a casting, carefully worked to resemble a forging. Thirdly, the U-ring at the base of the knife is much longer than the original. And, finally, the fruitwood grips are obviously brand new. But no doubt in time the gentlemen who made these will improve on these pointers! Some corrupt dealer must have sent an original out there to be copied!

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The 3 medals have just arrived safely - very interesting. (From your description I was expecting ribbon to be dreadful; personally, I think that the "Russian Front" is beautifully 'aged'.)

M M, UK, 12.02.2013

[It] got in [arrived]! It's a fine piece.

G V, Belgium, 11.08.2008