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Title Bronze dagger pommel
Nationality Roman
Period c 100 AD

This (ball just under 3cm diameter, the whole just over 4cm high) is a ground find from the UK, I think, probably from the Thames. Sword pommels from this era do turn up here, but dagger pommels are much rarer. NB: This is a lost wax casting, a process which disappeared from European use with the fall of Rome, only to re-emerge at the Renaissance.

The medieval process for making dagger fittings, and pommels in particular, would have been sand casting. I have had several examples of the latter over the years and they are noticeably different to the lost wax variety, usually heavier, for a start.

This has overall a pleasing dark green patina, with a few modern scuff marks from careless use of a shovel (or whatever).

Currently the earliest piece on my whole website!

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

[Edged Weapons : Dirks : Roman : 1st Century]


Chris, arrived yesterday, all is well. It is very refreshing to do business with you.

B N, USA, 11.02.2013

The bayonet is a splendid addition to my collection...

C T, UK, 03.12.2008