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Title Commando knife marked for 9th US AAF/US MC
Nationality American
Period c 1945-50

The US Marine Corps (etching on the blade) fought in many areas during WW2, including the Pacific and Europe. The 9th US Army Air Force (emblem embossed on the scabbard) was effectively the US air force in Europe in WW2, with a fighting record stretching from N. Africa through Sicily and Italy to D Day and beyond.

This is not the standard issue Marine Corps Fairbairn-Sykes issue knife, which was of much cruder construction, but more likely a private purchase piece. The distinction between the standard FS hilt construction and this piece is that, in the latter case, the pommel button is recessed into the hilt, a feature I have not seen before on an FS knife.

The US MC etching on the blade appears to be photo etched, since it is very lightly etched, suggesting a post-war commemorative inscription. The blade has most of its factory polish. The hilt is alloy (aluminium possibly) with a steel or iron cross guard.

The dichotomy between the badge on the scabbard and the inscription on the blade could simply mean that the owner transferred between these units at some point. The scabbard is clearly made for the knife and there is aluminium residue on the leather of the scabbard where the pommel is held by the spring clip.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Just letting you know that the whistle arrived here this morning safe and sound. Your excellent packaging was still totally intact and it took me all of five minutes to break into it to see my purchase. I am very pleased, it is a great whistle.

R C, Australia, 21.12.2012

Just to let you know the gun came this morning. Just as described. Lovely little piece. Would just like to thank you for all the help.

C C, UK, 23.12.2009