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Title Fake SS skull & cap eagle with real eagle
Nationality German
Period c 1980 (real eagle 1942)

The top two items (skull and eagle) are both marked 'SS475/43' and are copies. The bottom eagle, which is a period example, is marked 'SS475/42' (ie 1942). (These items do not belong to me and are not for sale.)

With originals, only the eagle should have the SS stamp. This firm (ie 475) is only known to have made eagles - they did not produce skulls and, moreover, no real examples by this firm have so far appeared dated any later than 1942. The final proof of the pudding is the flat format of the skull's forehead - the originals, without exception, all have domed foreheads, ie a nicely rounded edge to the top of the skull, giving a correct physical impression of a forehead. Also note, on the fakes, the use of brass pins and a different securing method, which differs considerably from the period item purportedly by the same maker.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Good news, my friend, the boot knife has arrived safe and sound. This example will more than fill my collection need.

R M, USA, 01.05.2008

Found the item a little on the expensive side and a bit disappointed that you were unwilling to bend a bit on the price of the Officer's Tunic Eagle (half the fun of buying, after all, is the haggling), but impressed by the speed of delivery and the quality of the item. Was well worth it in the long run...

G F, UK, 30.08.2005