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Title Georgian naval dirk
Nationality British
Period c 1790-1815

This splendid little British stiletto is a classic Royal Navy piece from the Napoleonic era, designed as a weapon of last resort (for encounters on shore or the melee of a boarding party?). It has a stout fighting blade with blunt edges but a needle sharp point. The grip is turned horn and the crossguard and ferrule are copper gilt.

The circular guard is somewhat loose, owing to age shrinkage, and the blade has some medium pitting scattered here and there, but still is a very workmanlike piece, not without decorative effect. There is no scabbard, which would typically have been a solid copper gilt variety, in all probability, although at the earlier end of the period they were known in leather with gilt mounts.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Today received railway truncheon in great nik! Superb item gone to a very good home. Many thanks for your patience with this exercise ... Well done.

A C, Australia, 28.11.2013

Very great item and I'm very pleased with it. The bayonet arrived without any problem. Thank you.

M Z, Slovenia, 21.11.2006