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Title Hitler Youth knife, 1st model
Nationality German
Period c 1933-39

This example is maker marked for Anton Wingen of Solingen and is unusual insomuch as it has the swaged blade of the later model, but with the 'blood and honour' inscription of the earlier type. These transitional models are a little scarce. This was called the 'Fahrtenmesser', the standard side arm of fully qualified Hitler Youth.

There is some minor damage to the enamel diamond, barely perceptible to the naked eye, but visible under a glass, but no replacement enamel. The diamond is fitted correctly with pins on the reverse and is, therefore, as to be expected by now, slightly loose, as should be the case in most genuine examples.

The grips are black bakelite and there is some wear to the EPNS finish on the hilt. The leather is showing its age and there is some missing by the front end of the press stud.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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The bayonet arrived at 8.00 this morning! It's excellent, just what I was after and I'm well pleased with it!

S A, UK, 16.05.2006

Hello Chris, just to let you know that I received the parcel, very pleased with it.

C T, UK, 08.03.2006