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Title Indian Police officer's collar dog
Nationality British Empire
Period c 1901-48

This is a die-struck badge in white metal (just over 30mm high) and was the badge of the Indian Police, a slightly larger version being worn as a cap badge, and a larger one still as a shoulder belt ornament. This is almost certainly English made and could well be unhallmarked sterling silver, or equally heavily plated.

This amazing unit served not only to control India internally in the days of the Raj, but also fought on the North West Frontier, the North East Frontier and in Burma until the Burma Police was formed. They had an extremely distinguished military and civilian record, varying from stepping in to prevent disorder in mixed Muslim and Hindu villages on the various festival days of both communities to chasing robbers in the NWF district and sorting out dacoits in Burma.

Its condition is excellent, but it is somewhat tarnished with age.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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Package arrived safely - contents well up to expectations...very pleased indeed. Sincere thanks once again!

C H, UK, 24.02.2015

Buckles have arrived. They are very beautiful! I'm glad and satisfied. Thank you for your quick and accurate business and all the best for the future.

C K, Finland, 07.05.2014