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Title Mark II Gurkha service kukri, WWII
Nationality British Empire
Period 1943

This was a development from the Mark 1, which had a single piece wood grip. The Mark 2 kukri was introduced in about 1916 and, although more expensive to make, was undoubtedly a better made and more serviceable knife. This is a factory product - factory unknown. The date '43' is punched into the forte of the blade.

This is an iron-mounted weapon with a rivetted pommel and fruitwood grips. The grips on the skinning knife and steel would appear to be rosewood. The blade is 13 1/4" long and just over 2 1/4" wide at the widest point. Unlike most WW2 scabbards, which tend to be brown leather, this one is dyed black calf stretched over a wood frame with a black frog. The scabbard has a minimal amount of scuffing, particularly on the leading edge, and the frog shows strong signs of extensive service wear. The buckles on the frog are brass. The crossgraining on the blade is still in evidence on both faces. The blade has been carefully hand sharpened and, at its central point, retains quite a fierce edge. There is no damage to the point, but a little very light rust staining. There never has been any metal chape to the end of the scabbard.

An almost identical knife from the same factory (also marked M43) appears in Ron Flook's book, British and Commonwealth Military Knives.

If you want to comment on this item—re quality, age, etc—please email me.

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I just received the buckle, it's an excellent example, thank you again.

N J, UK, 08.04.2017

Dear Chris, truncheon arrived safe and sound yesterday... what a beauty! I look forward to our next transaction.

C C, Australia, 18.09.2012